Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New movie Spider-Man suit stuntman Web-Slinging down town scenes captured!

First we see exclusive photos of stunt Spider-Man running around location for the new movie. Now we see the stunt Spider-Man take on web-slinging. This is exciting, as I always thought they over did the CG in the last few movies. What mainly bothered me was how fast he moved. If you saw someone do that in real time, I believe it would move much slower, especially from a far, and with long arcing swings. Anyhow, the Toy Museum's cameras were once again in the perfect spot, check out this unplanned stunt...

The Stunt Spider-Man has no time to react when Kingpin surprises us all, coming out of a Bills Fish and Chips restaurant, no surprise packing a lot of weight.

For a second, you can kind of see the stunt Spider-Man adjust, but there is just no time...

Oow, Ouch! And he's hurt badly again.

I guess web-slinging is pretty darn fast.

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