Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skate GX Trick Park makes for an Awesome display base

The best things are found at the weirdest places. The Weird place today was the Grocery Outlet store, and behold a Skate GX Trick park for 1.99! Now there is a gray area if this counts as a toy or not, I say its a toy display item so it doesn't count.

Toy display item you ask? Thats right, this thing is perfect for a toy display. Check out this otherwise boring classic Transformers display...

Look how they just stand there, slumping their shoulders and just being bored all the time.

Now introduce the Skate GX Trick Park, and now see how everything dazzles! (sorry Sky Lynx couldn't fit).

That's right, it has both a stepped display side, and a totally awesome ramp for those action shoots you desire.

And it can be yours for a 1.99, if you have a Grocery Outlet store in your neighborhood!

And of course, its totally wheel chair accessible!

Go get yours RIGHT NOW!

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