Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jay Cutler's "toughness" throws five TD's after knee surgery!

It's so unfortunate what happened to Jay Cutler this week. He gets hurt in a game, and then every one starts questioning his "toughness" for not playing the rest of the game. As if, his toughness might have made the game get any better. Not to mention a season highlighted to ridiculous levels on concussions and helmet weapon hitting. So if your a player, and your head is any way hurt, get out of the game or you will die, but if your knee is hurt, keep playing and be hobbled for life. If only they let you play with a wheel chair on the field. Rules need to be changed!!!

I hope Jay can survive this onslaught, so I can see him back in the title game next year, and throw those interceptions we all know he is capable of doing.

Get well Jay!

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