Sunday, January 09, 2011

NBC's The Cape, Season Premier, Episode One, the Pilot, Review

Well, so far, since my new years resolution holds true, and I am buying less toys, I need to do something else to stay current, so I give you my review of the first episode of The Cape.

The Cape; Episode 1.  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!

Just kidding. I actually liked it. Without giving any details away, or character names, as I already forgot those details, the show was pretty good. I guess in short; a cop, who slightly looks like Daniel Craig, gets framed by bad guys taking over the city police, cop gets fake killed, captured by a circus group, finds a cape, and is now cape-man. Fast pace, didn't waste your time, silly characters, awkward bad guys, and pretty good budget for TV. Actually when I say fast pace, sometimes too fast. The Cape gets in trouble before you even can read the little chapter titles. But, again, I hate when my time is wasted. Much like when NBC did that Viper car show. What was that all about, a car that changes shape and grows big bubble wheels? And was that over fifteen years ago, Dan stay current!!!

So yeah, The Cape, its fun. Not to be confused with the old NASA Cape show about space shuttle crews. The Cape itself has some character. It can grab things, and swirl around all swooshy like. It looks like there will be lots of spiffy supporting cast, minus the annoying little kid, that all shows like this has to have.

As for the cape pictured, It's a Batman Animated cape. Perhaps I will show more of my extensive cape collection...

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