Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Race Track, Oh Boy!

Another great Christmas gift, the Hot Wheels legendary Criss Cross Crash race track. About a month ago I spotted this back on Toys R Uses website, and started link wishing it to every one I knew (well, just my wife).

At its worst, you see a car drive in loops for awhile. Keep adding cars, and eventually something fantastically cool will happen. The racetrack is perfection intersection carnage at its best! Relive, Old Man, Didn't see us, Too Late, Aaaaugghhhhh!

My Cars are going to get so smacked up. I already noticed a few paint chips. I better get some loaner cars for this thing.

I tied it together with my Bat Cave Training run set and behold the mayhem. If you ever buy a Hot Wheels track, get this one first!

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