Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy Review

No fancy pictures today. I just got back from a midnight showing of Tron Legacy 3D. Thanks to too much soda, neon lights, and freezing temperatures after, I won't be sleeping for another hour, so I thought I would review what I just saw.

Pretty darn exceptional movie! Now, I have purposely not seen the original Tron movie in probably over twenty years. I thought it would be more fun to go in with a vague memory of the first one, catch with the new, then re-watch the old later. So, yes, a little confused at how this whole world works. I don't think that really mattered though, as there was too much fun stuff to look at. So here are some random thoughts about stuff I saw, I will try not to spoil, but if I do, be forewarned.

To start there were some flashbacks, and I don't think action figures looked like that in 1989, in fact they looked like what they are selling for the actual new toy line. Nice marketing.

There were sets that they reproduced perfectly, as some of the older crowd made strange noises in response to doors, walls, and things that I didn't even see. Looking forward to old one for that.

Great disc battles. They caught every move, angle, and arm slicing a game like that should have. Big step up from original.

The Light Cycle sequence was outstanding, but a little confusing. I wish they had done some high overhead shots, to help with any strategy the riders were using.

Jeff Bridges is just awesome. He is the Zen man, and I get a kick out of watching him, old, young, or clone. I find it funny how the writers always get him in front of a crowd, where he gives a charismatic smiley rousing speech. I have seen him do that in Tucker, Sea Buscuit, Iron Man etc...

It got a little slow in the middle end, but in a way, I remember being a bit bored at that same time in the first Tron...Get to the action man! It was one of those things were you say come on get too it, but please don't, I'm taking all this in, and it's incredible. You can put a neon light on a coaster, and I will put my drink on it.

No disappointment on the end action sequences, they were great. All though, I would like to see more Tron, and from what happened, it looks like we will, next winter 2016!

So to rate it, I would give 8-9 out of 10. The 3D was so clean and spiffy. They must use a lot of Glass Plus in that world. I guess the logical step next is to buy a couple toys, but that means a couple more, then halfway, then the whole collection.

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