Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thats Five Years today!

Can you believe it, my blog The Toy Museum dot blogspot dot com is now exactly five years old today! How crazy is that! It feels about twenty in some cases. Trying to come up with your own content at least ten times a month is quite a challenge, not to mention hard on the wallet when you have nothing to post. About 827 posts have been made in the last five years, and I could only guess the amount of photos are about 2500.

I was going to do a rocking toy give away contest, but I realized a large reader base was out of country. Low on international shipping funds, I decided to forgo for the moment. It was a great contest involving robot capsules with numbers inside an Optimus Prime Trailer, but instead, lets do what they do on TV when they want to save money... Flashback episodes!

These are five of my favorites;

#1. The image of Han surprising C3P-O is one of my all time legendary shots.

#2. The Talosian-Keeper surprise still keeps me up at night.
Talosian Keeper surprise

#3. Bart attacking Micro Machine City is a classic. Be on the lookout for a lost YouTube destruction video of this event.
Kitten Attacks Micro Machine City

#4. This was an accident! I swear! I am so sorry!
Accidentally Killing the Rescue Rangers

#5. Cobra Viper Week sums up the silliness that seems to go on here these last five years.
Cobra Viper Week!

So thanks for stopping by now and again, and again. If this blog goes to ten years, please, somebody shoot me.

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