Thursday, September 02, 2010

GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra; action figure perfection? Arctic Destro seems to think so.

The latest line of GI Joe's are simply awesome. I could stare at this guy in the packaging for hours alone and still find things to look at. These figures simply have it all. With that said though, I am only getting a few, as you know, I now have way too many Destro's, and I don't need another Snake Eyes. However, the way I see these flying off the shelves, it might be hard to find figures anyways. I will just admire on the store shelves if I can mostly.

I will show more picture soon. Having great internet difficulties lately. A big wind storm swept through a couple weeks back, and since then I have had nothing but Cable One problems, wireless router problems, and dog running under desk pulling all cables out everywhere problems. Hope to post more often soon, as this month is a big one in Toy Museum history, if you can guess why.

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