Sunday, September 26, 2010

I want to make sweet sweet love to ROSS stores, with their discounted discontinued GI Joe vehicles, Avatar horses, and sexy bowling shoes!

Wow! Thanks HISS TANK for the heads up! I was going to EBay the Ghost HAWK, and now I don't have too. The Arctic H.I.S.S is perfect for Arctic Destro. The Cobra Stinger is just plain awesome.

Then there is Jake Sully's Direhorse. I needed a mount for Jake Sully's Avatar. Now I am officially an Avatar nerd. I wanted the horse as the two must be the weirdest horse rider combo ever made (...Well maybe Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty tie for that).

And of course these spiffy shoes, on a good deal. Thus making shoes a new feature on the blog.


saruman said...


Stephen said...

Nice haul Dan. I can't believe those prices: figure + vehicle for 8.99? lol, that's lower than a single Star Wars toy (at least here)! Let's hope that H.I.S.S has a heater in it too. I'm sure Destro would appreciate being able to thraw out his head a bit.

actionfig said...

Love the Ghost Hawk!I still can't believe how many GI Joe vehicles and figures have hit the clearance shelves.It makes me wonder if the 30th ANN.stuff will do the same.Nice pick up!!


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