Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't let this image fool you, Recondo is really a statesman.

Well, maybe not.

The boycott of the new wave of GI Joe toys continues to go well, as I pick up Recondo and, yes I know, ANOTHER Snake Eyes (but he is the best Snake Eyes ever).

Recondo looks to have it all, but I am a bit disappointed with him. His head lurches too far, and there is little movement, not to mention his hat keeps falling off (and his head). He also seems to have some waist/hip issue thats not straight enough. He comes with a bunch of toys, which look good, but perform clumsy.

His solar powered backpack with Claw-JS Multi-Snare Trap, is hard to believe.

But indeed funny.

This is my first Recondo figure, so I will give credit to that. Otherwise, if you don't really want that Tribal mask, I would say skip him for some of the other options.

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