Sunday, September 19, 2010

Me Grimlock want Ride Optimus!

I keep getting awesome opportunities at Transformers Animated toy deals. For 12.97 I had no choice. It was that or 8o bucks for Masterpiece Grimlock, but that just seemed ridiculous at the time (but not so much now).

From some angles Dino mode looks great, from others not so great. His tail is a bit stumpy, and his robot head is easily visible from below Dino head. His hips, give a great deal of motion and possible poses. He has a snapping jaw action thats spiffy, and a bit reminiscent of TMNT Mousers.

Robot mode is pretty good. A little trouble with his arms and elbows are evident but his overall proportions are balanced. His Dino feet turn to Robot hands, which make for lots of movement. Not so much for the useless Dino front feet that just fold up inside. He is easy to transform too, which is nice for once.

He comes with a ferocious fire sword that flips up more fire pieces when rotating his hand. The Sword is one of the better looking weapons I have seen in awhile. I would say he is a good toy, not great, but better then so-so.

Of course, Grimlock likes fun rides on Optimus!

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