Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Arctic Destro

Oh, thats right, I was supposed to start talking about this cool guy. Actually, what do you think, an Iron Mask in the Arctic? Yeah, that would last a couple minutes until your head ice cubed itself.

Maybe that's why he comes with a small auger, to bore some heat into his helmet.

The frosty chrome sold this toy right away for me. Very nice paint application.

Its fun to figure where to place the plastic ice effects. I like the leg, as if he stepped into a puddle on accident. The one on the chest must be a back back malfunction. Why would you have a freeze gun in the arctic anyways? Going to make anyone colder? Why not heat? You could probably do more damage? Unless this is Mr Freeze Destro, and the warm suit is for him vs the warm weather Joes?

I'm guessing his weapon will fill with water, but thats just asking for mold.

Overall, fantastic figure. Also comes with ice climbing axes and a smaller gun. Oh and goggles, can't forget the goggles.

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