Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jungle-Viper. You have to troop build.

Yeah yeah, I said I was going to lay off on these, and not a full week goes by, and I pick up another. I did have this guy on my long list though, and its possibly the action figure of the year. For 5.59 Sale price too, its an early steal.

This figure has Hasbro on top of their game and beyond. Even the foliage has points of articulation. The long high power sniper machine gun and eye stalky goggles match well with the spiky camo.

Its going to be really hard not to pick up the other one that I saw at the store today tomorrow. And hard not to pick up another darn Snake Eyes (command jacket version) or Recondo (with tribal mask!)

There goes only focusing on the cold weather team, now its Jungle all the way. At least maybe GI Joe vs the Squirmle 3, can get into preproduction.

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