Monday, March 01, 2010

Ninja versus Ninja the board game

Ninja vs. Ninja? I'll bite!

So will Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!

The object of the game is to pull the best Ninja dance moves in thirty seconds before your opponent can do the same.

Each ninja gets 6 mini ninjas to assist in the dance competition

3... 2... 1...

Dance war. Ahhhhhh!

Well, maybe its not played that way. I would suggest you look this game up, if you're into Ninjas. Lots of neat pieces like Ninjas come with the game.

And lots of neater pieces like Shadow ninjas come with this game.

And lots of neater neater pieces like Dice with swords through them come with the game.

And lots of neater neater neater pieces like Dojo Masters come with the game.

uh... now for the five second run through. 2 Player, who ever is left standing wins, OR whoever gets 7 points by going on a three step mission. You can only move one Ninja at a time the number of spaces rolled. Can only move straight, 90 degree L, or 180 (only when in opposing Dojo). Being able to cross quickly and deeply into opponents Dojo gets you points. The Shadow Ninja and Dojo master keep track of those points. Thats about it.

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