Friday, March 19, 2010

Ninja versus Ninja catastrophe averted!

A few weeks back I showed off this great new game Ninja versus Ninja. I remember those days, young, bright eyed, ready to take on the world. I bought the game for our weekly board game day play at lunch time on fridays. I figured, it would be a good two player game to play, which is good as we only have two players. So what happens the first game? I loose. No big deal really, we were just learning the game. The technical issues of how and when to use your Shadow Ninja and what a 180 and a L move were figured out. So the next week rolls by and we play two games... and I loose. I don't just loose either, I get totally annihilated. Now Sideshow, my fellow gamer, will say I played stupid on that second game. But I will say I was already down most of my ninjas and a defensive strategy was my only hope. Really the game feels like if the rolls of the dice go your way, you win. If they don't, well, you loose. So week three comes up. I am now 0-3. Odds say I will win a game, so we play three more games. I loose all three, 0-6! One of those three another complete annihilation, but one game a almost close win, but still no win. Was I playing a mastermind or was the game cursed? I decided the game was cursed and challenged Sideshow that if he won the next four games, sending me to 0-10, I would give him the game, as I wanted nothing to do with it! So today we play, and what happens... I loo... WIN! Finally the dice go my favor and I win two games! I am now 2-6! I am not a complete looser anymore, and I can be happy in owning this game. Sideshow just couldn't get the rolls he kept getting in the first 6 games. I am a little bummed that it didn't go to 0-9 though, I wanted to tape that showdown for Youtube. Hats of to Sideshow though who took loosing much better than my cry baby ass.

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