Monday, March 08, 2010

Iron Man 2; Comic Series Iron Man!

Early waves of Iron Man figures are showing up in stores and dang do they look cool! Hasbro has really put their suits together on this one, with figures from not only the new movie, but from the last movie, and the comic books. These toys will fill the void in an other wise noneventful toy year.

I had to repackage him as I couldn't wait to get him home for package photos. The early Mark 1 suits look so real, they could almost be metal. Ooh, that would be a neat idea too, hint hint.

I chose #22 here to be my first, as the early prototypes are so industrial rad. From what I have seen around the toy blogosphere, I am not alone on liking this style. The Iron Man toys come with spiffy display bases that hold suit specific cards. The cards are unique as they are transparent and layer the appendages of the suit. The Paint application is crazy cool weathered and slightly rusted.

This Iron Man suit must be the one where Tony Stark leaves propped up against the old rusty shed in the backyard. His backside is less rusted than the front.

He's pretty bendy for a Mark .5 or what ever he classifies to. This figures hands are a little shaky, but when rotated to rub against forearms, they become tight. His other joints are pretty tight, and takes lots of steam to get him to bend just right.

Did I mention Iron Man is 3 and 3/4" to match with GI Joe, Star Wars, and everything else in this era of expensive plastic?


Iron Man is 3 and 3/4" to match with GI Joe, Star Wars, and everything else in this era of expensive plastic

Most figures come with a little extra explosive action! This one could be interpreted kind of foul, so be careful how he uses it.

I would say four out of five My Little Ponies for this figure, I hope to find more soon.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

love the vintage feel from this figure.

chunky B said...

The more I see pictures of this figure, the more I want to add it to my list. So far I have lucked out and haven't seen it in stores.

Dan said...

I wish I never saw them in stores, now I can't stop thinking about my next toy.

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