Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Hot Wheels I've been collecting...

Twin Mill III

Hotwheels are awesome right now. For only a buck you get a very cool toy with little buyers remorse. Plus you get to race them! I keep finding cool ones to play with at lunch. I love the sparkle on the above green one. Also the sleek design. My orange one has a top time on my Batman race track, I'll have to test this one soon.

'56 Merc

I must be drawn to green? This one reminds me of a Micro Machine I have somewhere. First Hot Wheel I have bought with an opening hood in a long time. Do you know that opening hoods, and doors give the car the ability to fly?

Elementals; Air and Water

As much as I am a sucker for shiny things, clear things are also drawn am I too. I saw the Fire and Earth the other day, will have to pick up next.


I saw it once, passed, was upset. Saw it again in color changer style, complained, friend over heard, found this one, gave to me on day after birthday. Awesome!

Bone Shaker

Way different than my usual selection, I really like the skull grill.

See you next time.

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