Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Secret Saturdays... on a Wednesday

Never got a chance to see this show, as we cut the cable to save money on well... this.

The set caught my eye months ago, as it looked to be a revival of Mighty Max. I commend Mattel for trying to bring back an old successful toy theme. These sets are the best thing to have when you have to take a high profile client to some boring dinner party. While they yammer on about stocks and bonds, you can crack open a miniature set of super fun. The show must of done really well, as I found this set on clearance the other day for around a fiver.

So, not knowing anything about the show, story, or toy, here is my take of what you are supposed to do with it. You first set the head on a flat surface and bobble it around on its roundish base. You can say things like, "I am the great lord Cherufe and this is my Lava Lair!" followed by, "I'm Zak, you can't defeat me!"

So we open the set up to reveal a molten volcanic rock world with a Lizard and a boy with a fireproof suit.

And what is Zak to do, to the evil lizard? Steal his eggs of course!

Then what should Zak do? Maybe climb the tall volcano, and push a "Ice Boulder" down the mountain knocking poor evil Lizard off the mountain...

and into a pool of lava where he will split into two and drown.

That was sure nice of Zak to do that. Seems kind of evil, maybe I got the sides wrong on this.

Anyhow, in an act of last action feature, Zak decides to slide down the "Volcano Slide" and crack his head open on the otherwise useless side of the playset.

I think I will stick with Mighty Max, this set was so lame.

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