Sunday, September 06, 2009

Watch Collection; Episode 23: Transformers Optimus Prime

Thanks to eating a series of foods that shouldn't be eaten in that order, I can treat to an early morning review on the Transformers Optimus Prime watch. Uh-oh... excuse me for one moment.

Okay, I start Saturday off with a new pledge to eat better; less soda more whole grains, maybe even an apple a day kind of thing. I started well with Frosted Mini Wheats, and later a DIET Pepsi. Things going good so far, right? Then a surprise barbeque invite, and things go downhill from there. Ate some really good, but over plentiful chips with dip, then a large tasty hamburger, and then some, yes, healthy corn on the cob. Now the fall to the dark side, a few drinks of questionable content (shot of Chocolate cake anyone?). Then some cookies made from possible old cookie dough, and then some more drinks of questionable content. Now it feels as if my esophagus is full right to the top. I took 2 Peptos, but they aren't working too well yet. I can't lay down, or everything will spill out my mouth. So the best thing to do, is sit upright, and wait for everything to settle down.

ANyhow, here is the new Optimus Prime watch that was sitting next to Storm Shadow in the kids watch area. I was really excited for this one as well, as Transformer watches usually mean high status in popularity.

For some reason, the watch face form of Prime looks like a face. There is a BumbleBee watch as well, and he looks almost like a cat face. The good news is that they modeled Prime after generation one style, but he is kind of flimsy.

I forgot to pull his hands out for this picture. I actually almost broke one hand off, thinking that they pull then rotate out. Overall the plastic is very cheap, and not to impressive transformation compared to older watches. Really Hasbro? I think by know science could create a better transforming watch. I have plenty of watches of small vehicles that stick way off the wrist, why couldn't Prime be like those small Transfomers toys, just detachable to the band? I suppose this was just a quick throw-out for the kids watch section.

And yes, what's with the questionable nipple watch format buttons?


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