Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Star Wars; Trinto Duaba and Dice Ibegon

When you are late for a bye one get one free sale for Star Wars figures, you get the ones you never planned on getting. I did want these two, but a deal had to be in play, and so there was. Its almost a buy one get two free sale when you think about two figures in one small pack

So which one is which? The back indicates that Trinto Duaba is the humanoid. He is a bounty hunter, who is a 'Stennes Shifter;' able to blend into crowds. Or blend into Star Trek Insurrection as the lead bad guys.

Dice Ibegon, my favorite of course, is a Female Florn Lamproid who likes the Rebellion, and can move small eating utensils with the Force.

They were immediately drawn to my only other Cantina background alien, guy with a mask from the movie Scream. Dice was more social than Trinto for sure.

Dice can really hold her own too. Loves the blue stuff.

I was thinking today that a bartender in the Star Wars universe almost has to have pharmacist status to work. Think of all the Aliens, and different drink combinations. That is some serious responsibility.


The Rebel said...

Hmmm...this review of yours makes me wonder if I shd eventually pick up the one I saw at my local TRU....been a shelf warmer for quite some time now......

Dan said...

They aren't a bad addition, if you are looking for some non main characters to give your main characters some trouble.

Other things to do with Dice;
-Ride Trinto's back
-Trinto rides Dice
-Dice latches onto other figures faces.

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