Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Imaginext Lost Creatures Stracosaurus

If I added extra wings to the house, one of them would be a Dinosaur wing. Imaginext Dinosuars by Fisher-Price are so fun and playful. I picked this one up for my Nephew who instantly became friends with it.

He was using the Dinosaurs spikes to eat raspberries off of. Very funny.

The simple movement controls make these dinosaurs come alive. Yes, the control lever is in an awkward spot, but its well hidden. When watching a kid play with it, it fits perfectly in their hands, and is easily activated.

This little dino made sure to bite everyone in the house.

See more of them here.


Bubbashelby said...

That Imaginext stuff is classic - I have been tempted on so many occasions to grab the Batman related stuff - the Mr. Freeze is exceptionally tempting.

Dan said...

THe whole batman line is amazingly better than the older kid lines.


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