Wednesday, September 09, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; The Doctor Examined

Seems appropriate, on the night President Obama addresses the nation on Health Care reform, we take a look at The Doctor our country's next supreme commander (I am sure its in that new stinker of a bill).

This toy has it all, a wonderful rendition of our soon to be anointed one. I feel safe in his warm hands.

Or should I saw claws of doom. At least the new government will have a good back scratching program.

I am looking forward to the new green canisters we soon will be fed. I hope the transition into cobra's will be a long and painful one.

The Trick to being a good doctor is to be just titled, "the Doctor." vs. Dr Mindbender. He never gets any patients with that name.

Uh-oh! THis picture was supposed to be highly classified. You can't see that until we are all Cobra's marching for a united good of M.A.S.S. devices and Weather Dominators.

On the lighter side of things, if you prefer the Jonas Brothers look, turn the Dr's hair piece around.

So what does old Cobra Commander think of the Dr?

Hair and Helmet exchange, thats what he thinks!

Okay thats enough of the Doctor for now, we don't want this blog silenced just yet...

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