Saturday, September 19, 2009

Toy Pie Chart

I made a Toy Pie Chart to document the violent swings of my toy line addictions. It's pretty safe to say that GI Joe, Star Wars and Transformers make up 75% of the plastic I own. The other 25% being Super Hero stuff, Lego, Micro Machines, Thundercats, He-man, etc...

I would say the last couple months have been all GI Joe, thanks to the new Movie, and remaining 25th anniversary line stuff.

I recently caved to cable tv (tired of mooching BSU games off other people) and now can finally watch Star Wars Clone Wars and Ben 10 on a regular basis. This has caused the arrow to flip down into Star Wars territory for a few weeks. That and the nice buy one get one sale I caught the other day. Expect some upcoming posts on that.

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