Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toy Museum 4 years and counting...

So the blog hit four years today, that's crazy. I remember how the first few months seemed like an eternity, and then the rest flew by in a couple days. As always I had big plans for the day, but then things go to strange, more on that later.

So I start to reflect today on how many toys I probably 'boughton' over the last four years, and what I could have invested in instead. I started a spreadsheet a few weeks back to try to see how much I really had. After a few pages of just main themes, I gave up. If I listed everything, it would be at least 20 pages of stuff. Yikes!

So then I start thinking, what if I did something crazy, and sold everything except for 10 toys that I truly thought were the best of the best and would never want to give away. It usually Starts with my first Optimus Prime G2 version, and then ends at toy #355 Squidicus from Beast Wars (note how I went WAY over 10). Maybe I will start a ten toys I will never sell post list, to stay grounded.

So yeah, I had this plan today to get ALL the toys together for a family portrait. Just kidding, not ALL. But I did want to do a strange battle scene with GI Joe vs Transformers. After hours of trying to get the big Transformers retransformed into robots, laying down the sod, kicking the cat off the sod, trying to restand GI joes for the 100th time, I finnally got to shoot some pictures. And yes, after all that hard work, the photos all came out horrendously craptastic. I just don't have the studio space/ best camera, any kind of lighting, and patience to pull it off today. I was debating on even showing this photo, its THAT yucktactular. But, since I wasted the afternoon playing, I better well document it. Maybe for year five I can pull it off better.

Happy 4th Anniversary Toy Museum!

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