Thursday, September 03, 2009

Watch Collection; Episode 22: Storm Shadow Screwed Me

I was flabbergasted to find a repainted Inspector Gadget watch with Storm Shadow markings! It seemed weird that they just used the same model, but I was happy with the features, so why not?

It is strange that Storm Shadow's watch is in black and not white. But I guess its not HIS personal watch so it doesn't matter. Snake Eyes has a watch as well, but it has a side laser that will for sure get broken off as you take a corner short.

This is where Storm Shadow screwed me. NO WORKING SIREN ALARM! They left the light and the button, but it is glued down to not function. I doubt the electronics are even inside to do that trick. I was so bummed. I really liked that feature of walking behind someone blaring an annoying siren. What a disappointment Storm Shadow. Next time I play with toys, both Snake Eyes and Spirit will tag team against you and kick your sorry ass!

I do like the pretty star designs between the band and the watch face. Very Comfortable fit as well.

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