Saturday, September 12, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Target Snake Eyes Arashikage Cycle is Awesome

One can only have so many Snake Eyes action figures in black, gray, or purple, so I went with the half blue camo pants version. That way I get a spiffy cycle too. It took a few trips to Target to finally get in sync with this exclusive, but it was well worth the wait.

The bike is perfect, not too big, not too small. Snake Eyes fits okay, maybe a bit uncomfortably, but only because he has his sword out ready to cut watermelons thrown at him.

The back of the cycle has some pretty strong suspension, which if you press down far enough, shoots a missile out the front. Cheers to the designer who angled the missile launcher slightly up so that it shoots really far (and pretty hard for once too).

I am getting pretty close to the end of the movie figures that I wanted. Still looking for the blue camo pants Duke. Can't decide on Zartan, Heavy Duty, or Breaker as they just didn't do it for me. Well if Zartan had a better mask then almost the same as his normal head, I would have sprung faster for him. I do like his Mummy past adventures. Not too big on the upcoming waves, as I only want figures direct from movie now. It would be fantastic to see a young Snake Eyes vs. young Storm Shadow pack.

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