Friday, July 03, 2009

Transformers RotF Bumblebee

I picked up Bumblebee today, with full intent to open him but I had to tell this story first. As I was exiting the toy aisle this guy I will call '80's Dude' passed by me. He was with his son or something, and was rummaging through the GI Joe stuff. As he passed me he noticed I had a Bumblebee in my hands and asked if I saw the movie with an overly excited attitude (this question is about as dumb as people asking if I knew a new Transformers movie is coming out while I have toys all over my desk, and wearing Optimus Prime socks, with a Mega sized happymeal). Anyhow, I said yes, but wanted to see his reaction, so I included I didn't think it was very good. 80's Dude's jaw dropped and eyes bugged with a what the hell are you talking about I am going to kill you. I wasn't too concerned, I am pretty sure I am in the top ten Transformers fan club in the Treasure Valley (Number of Transformers owned + Number of hours of Transformers watched + fan of Beast Wars + I have a toy blog + dress once as Optimus Prime for halloween= top ten Treasure Valley transformer fan). I told 80's Dude that there I was a huge Transformers fan but there were too many inconsistencies, plot holes, and incoherent scenes for me to really get into the movie and enjoy it. 80's Dude, stood shocked but then waved me off and stormed away with his son or something. So I guess lots of people like this movie. I'm still a bit mad at the whole disregard for the Autobots in this movie. It's about them right? Well at least the toys are, so thats way I still buy them.

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