Thursday, July 23, 2009

General Toy Comic Cartoon Geek Ranking System or GTCCGRS

Going through all the pictures at Comic Con tonight makes me a bit bummed I never go to these things, but after hearing how many people go to these things, I'm glad I skip out. SDCC does make me wonder what my General Toy Comic Cartoon Geek Ranking is in the whole collective. Someone needs to make an application or online site that factors geeky things so that I can see what level I'm at. I think the field questions should be something like this;

-How many toys one owns
-How many comics one has read and or owned
-How many comics one has wrote
- How many cartoons one has watched and or owned
- 100 question multiple choice test involving comics, toys, geek shows etc...
- How many blogs made on topic
- How many online geek forums one belongs
- How much cash one has invested
- How many Cons visited
- How many Lego bricks in large bin or bins
- Hours of transformation time of Transformers
- How many models or toy customs and repaints worked on
- How many video games one has played and or owned and hours played
- How many fine art projects made inspired by all the above

Miss any? It would probably take me a working week to figure the exact answer (or even ballpark) to all those questions. Not sure how one would even start with a ranking system that would take into all these variables. Perhaps simple a point for each single toy, comic, cartoon, Con, Lego brick, etc? I would think one who invested the money to travel to a Con would out weight one 3 3/4" action figure, so maybe certain things or events would be worth more points. The whole system would have to be updatable with user profiles as well. It would be fascinating, and completely useless information, to find where we all fall when it comes to this geekery.

Or, if this all ready exists, please someone send me the link.

Or, if someone wants to make this happen, please include me in the millions made.

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