Thursday, July 09, 2009

Old Toy Museum Photos

I found some fun old pictures of my ISU residence hall room today. I am thinking this is fall of 1998, amazing how antiquated photos are of that time. It looks like the 70's, just wait until the last photo. I really wish digital cameras were cheaper and easily integrated with computers back then. Oh, the lost shelf toy displays lost to time. So the first shot is from the door looking in at the bed. I had a scaled back collection in those days. Some toys not bought yet obviously, many toys in storage at the parents, and some toys in drawers and bins in the closet. I had to keep a study atmosphere in mind.

Of course the Bandai SpaceWarp roller coaster above the bed doesn't help.

SpaceWarps are so cool. I wish mine wasn't missing a critical elevator gear component, or I would rebuild it somewhere. I recommend watching them go on Youtube, they are amazing fun. I had it poked into the ceiling tiles, which I am sure asbestos leaked out onto my bed, as the building had to remove asbestos after we were kicked out. Also it was perfect for hanging action figures on. I remember one night Beast from the X-man jumped off and landed on me square in the chest. It surprised the hell out of me, kind of hurt too, and is a lesson for toy ceiling hanging.

The desk area is showcasing hanging Beast Wars Transmetals, A fish tank I bought for five bucks, and a Playmates Star Trek scene. I was big on classic Trek that year, as the Sci-Fi network was replaying old episodes with extra stuff and interviews. Playmates also had a few figures in the stores to pick up at that time. The Transporter pad figures were a hit too.

So then there is this shot. Trying to remember what the hell is going on here. At first I wanted to say party, but then there are some serious situations going down; Kirk vs Gorn, Sulu vs Mugatu, Spock vs Mirror Spock, Traleen about to take a swing at Kirk, all witnessed by time travelers Sisko and Dax.

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