Saturday, July 18, 2009

RoC GI Joe SGT. Stone

I set up camp in the toy aisle today trying to figure out who to get next for the RoC line up. I don't want to replace all my classic figures with the new designs, so I'm trying to build an off the side team. Sgt Stone, had a good look and lots of accessories, so I finally put the Cobra Commander down.

I don't believe he Stone in the movie, he wasn't listed on IMDB, but you never know. On the card he kind of looks like Joey from Friends! Which makes me sad, because Joey would have fit in the team well for some reason. Ever see him in Lost in Space?

So here he is still stuck to his packaging Borg station. Me likes the gun on a stand thing more now that I understand its a gun on a stand. I was a bit worried he was going to carry it somehow.

The cannon has a small cable control. Nicely playable,but falls over easily.

He stands well with Shipwreck and my future Delta blue camo team.

Still not strong enough to take on the Mole Pod. Need a few more Joes for that fight.

I also like Stone as he could be Flint. Very similar look.

Especially when Stone steals Flint's armor suspenders.

Stone can't steal Flint's girl Lady Jaye though, but he can try with old school Lady Jaye if he wants to continue with his Flint stealing identity ways. Hmmm maybe he is Zartan.

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