Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Civilization Revolution Nintendo DS

Yes I am a Civilization addict. If there was a chart that had my time spent on a game franchises, the Civ games would be on top, maybe followed by the Sim City games. Civ 2 and 3 alone probably have more study hours than did my real study time at Universities (with winks to Monster Truck Madness and C&C Red Alert). After the Civ 3 time investment/lost, I somehow avoided Civ 4. Oh I wanted to play it really badly, but I wanted to accomplish something this decade (which I'm not sure what that is yet). I am a bit behind on the console wars and can't decide on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii, so I am left with my trusty Nintendo DS which I can play for a few minutes (hours) before bed.

So you could imagine my excitement last fall when I picked up CIvilization Revolutions for my DS. I guess its a perfect game match for me because I can't stop playing it. I have played at least 50 full games now, and still want to play again and again. I usually stick with the medium level which gives a slight advantage to equal playing field. I like all nationalities, and favor the Magna Carta for Wonders of the World (it makes courthouses produce culture). I love building tank armies, and then unleashing them on poor neighboring civilizations. Basically this game is a shorter condensed version of Civ, with a full game taking about 3 to 4 hours in length. The game length is perfect for playing over an over and trying different strategies (my favorite being winning the game with only one city on medium easy). The only thing I dislike is there is no world map view to toggle to. Its sometimes hard to see where everything is and your location to everything.

Here is a shot of me playing the Americans vs the Germans.

So to sum up, I give this game five out of five My Little Ponies.

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