Saturday, July 11, 2009

GI Joe RoC toys!

Rise of Cobra toys are just itching to get into stores and into my collection. I am pretty impressed with what they made after so many ugly preproduction photos leaking out. From my first store viewing, at least 1/3 of the figures are great, 1/3 are so-so, and 1/3 are Ugly. Thats good stats for a healthy wallet. I think I will focus on the commando fatigue look figures vs the accelerator suits, as those are too plane. I don't think ShipWreck is even in the movie, maybe a cameo, he's in the video game. He is the best figure though, with Polly and a bunch of accessories. Their display bases are awesome, dog tag textured like. One might replace the Episode 1 display base thats been on my keychain for years.

The Cobra Mole Pod is 100 times beter than I thought it would be. Mainly because of the shiny drill, and watching the shiny drill spin while you move it. Its so retro, I love it! I will even forgive the 25th anniversary Croc Master repaint. The figure isn't all that bad for a mindless driver. I will post more photos of that shortly.

I hope to get the Cobra SUV next, a Hawk figure, and a few others. Cobra Commander looks pretty cool actually. Yes his head is chewing gum in a dome, but maybe in future movies he will adapt a more familiar helmet. Those action battlers look neat too for a larger and less breakable Joe to play with. I am on the fence with the Cobra Night Raven. Its no original, but it has some nice features. The Giant PIT playset looks horrible though! It doesn't DO anything, other than look like Noah's arc and then transform into a bunch of 'levels'. Ok actually the 'levels' are great for figure displaying, I will give them that. But if you look at old GI Joe bases they had so much more to them. Where are the giant cannons? The giant missiles? The glass canopy drive stations? Detachable ships? It just looks so boring for 100 bucks. Ok if the Ping-Pong table was plastic, maybe then I would be more interested. Again though it will save me 100 bucks.

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