Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GI Joe tRoC wish

TV, Youtube, HISS Tank.com, and blogs all over have plenty of trailers to look at for the new GI Joe movie. I am getting more excited with each trailer, and pretty sure the movie will easily top Transformers 2 as a more enjoyable to watch. When I saw the exclusive clip on director Stephen Sommer's blog here, I think I could hear a bit of the soundtrack in the background by the great Alan Silvestri. Silvestri has written exceptional action movie scores for awhile; The Mummy Returns, Back to the Future Trilogy, and Predator being my favorites. What I heard in the exclusive clip as short as it was, sounded so cool and I am hopeful for a good score. What I really would like to hear though, to make the movie perfect, would be the classic first few notes from the original cartoon being played at the start of the movie. You know the 'Da-da Da Daaaa', followed by Duke or Flint's "Yoooo Joe!" I believe that intro is an important GI Joe sound trademark much equal to the James Bond Gun barrel sequence or the Star Wars intros. I understand they probably will shy away from the cheesy song, or need for an elaborate music video to begin the movie, but all Silvestri needs to do is add the 'Da-da Da Daaa" at the opening to make it pop. Several different composers did this successfully for the main Star Trek theme before the rest of the new music intro begins for several of its movies, so why can't GI Joe keep that alive?

The main reason I bring this up is when I was playing with Accelerator Suit Duke at Target, it included the sound file to that original cartoon into, and it sounded waaaaaay cool! I couldn't believe Hasbro placed that in there. That was a huge wink to the fan base, and I HOPE that they add this to the movie. If not, maybe I will just hum it myself before the movie starts. I do have that mini sound player that came with the first 25th Anniversary sets that plays the intro briefly. In fact I challenge all fans to bring that and play it just before the movie starts.

Well, maybe not. You might get kicked out. But at least try on the fifth viewing.

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