Monday, July 06, 2009

Heavy Duty 4th of July Recap 3

Heavy Duty is back again this year to review the family fireworks. A pretty good assortment this year, probably a little more money spent than should. When Heavy looked back at last years collection, he remembered that their were some better unique choices than this years. Still fun was had, and lots of stuff blown up, here are HD's Favorites...

#1. Heavy Warhead. Not that special in show, but it looks like a real warhead so thats cool. I wish I kept the burnout peice now, but I guess it would stink up the house.

#2. Heavy Unicorn. If HD stands next to this, you know its going to be tough. It actually was one of the better ones. It was heavy so it had lots of powder inside, lasted about a minute and a half! HD wonders if it had My Little Ponies ground up in it.

#3. Heavy Grizzly. Not so great actually, and thats why HD is ready to punch it.

#4. Heavy Burnout. A pretty good show, it produced baby ground flowers and made a funny wooshing sound. It also smoked for at least 20 minutes after it was over.

#5. Heavy Vest. HD loves lighting ground flowers and throwing them.

#6. Heavy Joy. Well this one says it all. It was the finale piece, lasted a couple minutes, and did what all the other fountains did but longer.

Thats it for HD's report. Maybe next year HD will go to Caldwell and buy the kind that shoot into the air and take out Cobra Sky fortresses. Heavy Tanks for reading.

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