Monday, February 01, 2010

No, this is not the winner!

This is just a friendly reminder that I will be opening the Hot Wheels Mystery Car probably Wednesday night, so don't forget to vote. So far, seven measly votes have been placed! Well actually those votes are triumphant, its the votes that have not been placed that are measly. Come on people, this is your chance to win a car! A car that is worth up to a dollar and nineteen cents in some locations. Just guess what is inside, and if you are closest, you get it sent to your location. Remember that you can research a possible insider too, and that its early in the year so the list isn't too long yet. Of course you never know until you vote.

By the way, how about todays random car, the Motoblade? I like to call it the Mouthwash myself because of its pretty clear blue cover.

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