Monday, February 08, 2010

GI Joe; The Rise of Cobra, Charbroil fix me Dinner!

I planned to be done with this line, but Charbroil was darn near perfect. Okay the shiny chrome mask got my attention big time.

Most GI Joe movie toys came out feeling very similar to one another, while Charbroil is in his own.

Looks like Bart is too drawn to the shininess of the helmet. Or maybe his knees.

Look out behind you!

Heads up!

It's Charbroil, and he's darn near perfect!


The Rebel said...

Looks good for a non-screen character...hehe..they never seem to be any ending to them...I guess as long as they're cool-looking enough, they'll be snapped up anyway.. :p

Dan said...

Yeah I really wanted to focus for just on screeners, but this one just looked really cool in movie style. The big problem with collecting non screeners, is if they do show in the next movie, they will probably look entirely different.

Bubbashelby said...

I almost grabbed this one a while back when I saw him, and I'm not even a GI Joe collector!

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that you are attracted to shiny objects.

Reis O'Brien said...

What is it with cats and action figures? My cat, Monkey, always tries to steal my guys and chew up their guns and lightsabers. Is there some kind of feline-attractant in the plastic or something?

Oh, and I agree that this figures is quite awesome!

Dan said...

Reis, I know that cats love to 'touch' everything they see that is interesting, especially with their nose. Must be how they determine what whatever that thing is. Bart also likes to nibble a gun or so to get my attention, because he knows I don't like it when he does.

Shahrum said...

very very nice!


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