Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What does a Blue Ranger with Cats, a Governor's signature, an XBox 360 and a Batman Trophy all have in common?!

My better half got me an XBox 360 for Valentines day! How awesome is that! I love it, finally i can throw down the shackles of the Game Cube and enter the year 2000! It came with Lego Batman, which is awesome since I have many of the Lego toys designed for that game. Also a spiffy racing ATV game, with complicated horrific crashing tricks. Also the island from Lost called to me, as I found the game on clearance for under 10 bucks. I spent last night wandering through the jungle chasing Vincent, finding the wrecked plane, photographing my flashbacks, and falling in a hole in a dark cave.

The Batman Cup was a trophy given to citizens of the city for doing outstanding feats in the field of excellence. I really liked the design, thought it would look good on the mantle. Hey it was only 1.99 at the Grocery Outlet! I was trying to figure out why the designers of the cup placed a sparkle snow globe with Batman on the base. Wouldn't that result in spilling the drink all over your pants. BUT GUESS WHAT, this gets better, I was at a friends house this weekend. Turns out his daughter had one too, but with a pink Disney Princess on it. AND WHAT?, it had a top with straw... ITS A SIPPY CUP! Well I like my Batman sippy cup trophy on the mantle where it is!

I managed to corner our great State of Idaho's Governor into a corner and get his signature durning an evening event I was invited too. Thats right, this blog has friends in high places, so you better watch out!

What is the Blue Ranger doing with these cats you ask? Or what are these cats doing with the Blue Ranger I ask?

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