Friday, February 19, 2010

GI Joe; The Rise of Cobra, Crimson Hydra

Ready to be bombarded with the Oh So Awesome Cobra Crimson Hydra images? I found one on clearance for ten bucks would you believe?

Such a beautiful craft, I am surprised it didn't sell better. Of course, I didn't buy one at full price either.

Its a repaint of a former series, Spy Troops, and then Valor vs. Venom. I can't believe I didn't buy it when it was in Stealth Black. That was a no brainer miss fire for sure. The red version is just as cool, and it fits perfectly with my Crimson Guard collections.

It looks to be styled after a stealth bomber, but with the usual impossible Cobra modifications

The back wings slide out so that it can fit in the packaging.

The top opens out for stabilizing and to reveal rocket launchers.

The Aero-Viper is so-so, has some neat gold detailing. I just noticed his helmet is removable, that bumps him up an extra star, looks to be a Firefly like head under there.

Now for the gimmick! An underbelly bomb?

No, a mini ship pod! Or a bomb with a pilot in it! Cobra has so many expendable men.

I wouldn't want to fly that pod. Certain doom. (Crimson Guard trooper not included)

So yeah, if you can find one, pick it up. It is one of the better vehicles I have run across in a while.

Damn, the bathroom floor is a great studio. Very nice shots coming out of the old steam digital camera.


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