Sunday, January 31, 2010

What would happen? Beach Head vs. Serpentor

I wonder what would happen if Beach Head and Serpentor accidentally crossed paths in the hallway?

Surely Serpentor would not care for a GI Joe like Beach Head, and begin to spurt out Cobra propaganda.

Offended by this speach, Beach Head would probably shoot off Serpentor's helmet as a challenge to his superiority.

This of course would infuriate the Cobra Emperor to throw his deadly snake staff at Beach Head.

Beach Head would survive this attack, and counter by destroying what Serpentor holds most dear.

A nerve was struck and Serpentor's rage is unleashed at Beach Head full force.

I would think Beach Head has the skills to toss off Serpentor.

Then in a horribly violent display, in which Beach Head is now permanently banned from this blog, he shoots Serpentor in the head.

Beach Head would then take the former Emperor's helmet and declare himself as the new leader of Cobra, Beachentor, and fly away on the restored chariot.

At least I think that is what would happen.


LEon said...

why he joined the cobra!?

Dan said...

He must have went crazy in battle? Or undercover mission?

Mario! said...

Go Beach Head!

K said...

Such violence from the world of GI Joe. (Absof!$#$@lutely awesome.)

Dan said...

Mario- you mean Beachentor now.

K- Killing is the other half of the battle.


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