Friday, January 08, 2010

Star Wars Transformers; Anitran 7

The other gift I gave myself for X-mas was a Star Wars Transformer. I saw a few at the store for anther toy busting low deal, so I picked up a Jedi Knight ship. I am pretty sure this one has been reissued/painted/modeled a dozen times for many of the different Jedi. I would have preferred an Obi-Wan, but I liked the yellow Star fighter too. I call this one Anitran 7 because this is probably the seventh repaint.

I think his robot form went pretty well. Some of these Star Wars Transformers end up, well, tubby or my favorite word portly. Or they have so many panels sticking out, they hardly look like a robot guy. This one has good form and proportions. I did omit his light speed drive back pack, that just looks silly.

It makes for a good floor buffer though. Or Jedi floating chair.

A bummer with some of these new editions is the omission of the mini pilots. Something about a pilot flying a ship that turns into a mech resembling the pilot says Ego. Now the other mech Transformer Star Wars toys will think the new ones are missing the brains to the machine.

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