Saturday, January 02, 2010

Best Junk of 2009!

Clearly the GI Joe Rise of Cobra toys were my favorite stuff to over collect last summer. Awesome all around. Best part is the tons of accessories and display bases they came with. Wish other toy lines would get that idea too.

I splurged on the bailed Indiana Jones line last winter. Temple of Doom wasn't my favorite movie, but it had the best characters of the four movies by far. Or at least the action figures of the characters were a had to have.

Perceptor was actually my favorite Transformer find of the year, but he is already packed away for the upcoming move. So there is these two instead; Mudflap and Skids. I hate them in the movie with a passion, but in toy form they are great. I prefer to believe they are intelligent and appropriately funny Autobots. They are used as successful spokesman for GM cars in selling new technology every week on TV. Their faces were deformed because they crashed in Paris and saw some Picasso paintings in museum windows.

Lots of Star Wars figures in the back ground that you have to have year. The Treadwell Droid is my favorite, and Leesub is really starting to make a name for herself on this blog. The two Jawas are my first ever in Jawa purchasing.

And to round out something that is not a toy, the best soundtracks this year. If you want some excellent toy playing music, here it is. The End Credits to Star Trek is fantastic, and the Ginormica Suite will certainly blow you away.

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