Saturday, January 30, 2010

Battle Armor He-Man

If you watched last weeks GI Joe video, you saw that the new Matty Collector's Battle Armor He-Man made a short cameo. This is my first purchase of the Masters of the Universe collectors line for myself. The last few times I was too late, or just forgot. Ironically my first He-man figure ever was the Battle Armor version, so this one has sentimental value all over it. Now I just need to pick up a Battle Armor Skeletor.

Like everyone I have mixed reviews on how Mattel is handling this line. Why on Eternia are their quantities so low is beyond me. Some one needs to show Mattel how Capitalism is supposed to work. Like Jerry Seinfeld says about cars and limited editons, "Limited to the number they sell!" Also wonder why they don't just limit one or at most two per person with those low numbers. On the other hand, its kind of fun seeing what you can get, and it looks like reissues keep coming back. If they keep this up for twenty years, one might be able to collect them all. I am just waiting for them to also drop the size to 3 3/4" figures after you buy all the large sized versions.

I can't decide if i should open this or not. Keep the value, or play the heck out of it. They are a little spendy for play, and believe me I have plenty of other toys to play with. I might just wait until I pick up a few villains for him to fight before deciding. I wish the packaging were made so that you could take him out without destroying it.


LEon said...

Wow! If I can get it I would. I still have the retro Battle Armor He-man with me today. :)

Dan said...

LEon, would you open the toy?

Princess Noin said...

For the love of god, I WANT Battle Cat. So WHY is the limit per person like 10?! That is so unfair. So...they WANT their stuff resold on eBay? What are they getting out of that?

I believe in opening. Toys are meant to be played with. Remember Toy Story 2?

Dan said...

10 is way out there and unfair. I would like a Battle Cat too, hope I can get enough funds in time.

Poor Prospector Pete. But so many times after tearing a toy from their package they look so less cool. Imagination says that they are cooler in the box. When opened, all the flaws like loose joints, breakable parts, and light changing plastics come into focus.

I will probably open him next week.

LEon said...

My 20 years old Battle Armor He-man already opened. You opening yours?

The Rebel said...

Cool! Ironically the BA He-Man is among the 2 MOTU figs that I purposely miss thus far....regrets lingering now!

If ya ask them toys!

Dan said...

LEon - I meant to say would you open this toy? Of course you would, silly question. I will too soon.

The Rebel- Kind of have that feeling about King Randor now.

LEon said...

Great. Await your review then. :)


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