Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Wheels Mystery Car Contest 2!

In celebration of the new homestead, and my now depleted toy budget, lets have another Hot Wheels mystery car guessing contest! Rules are pretty simple, comment on what you think it is! The comment who is the closest wins the car. In the event of a tie, the car will be cut in half and given to the two winners (I work with people with power tools, don't think I won't). One hint that others took advantage of last time is searching online to see what cars could be inside. Or just let the fates fly like typing blue striped mini van! I will post the opening of the box on this blog in about a week or so for the results. Only comment on this post to enter. Good luck to you all!

And Bryan, if you win again, and lose the car, I won't go through the trouble of miraculously re-finding it for you.

Here are some pictures of my new Bugatti Veyron!

Almost looks like the car is wearing underwear on the hood.

Love the weathered matte finish paint.

Says it has a W 16 engine, how does that work?

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