Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RotF Skids Transformation

Awe Skids. I got him transformed to robot fairly easy. Robot back to car not so good. It took one episode of Seinfeld (the belt-less trench coat episode) and 20 minutes of the New 90210 to get him back. Paneling nightmare mainly his roof, along with getting his knees bent right were what killed me. Now that I have figured him out, I think I can do it in ten, and then maybe down to five. The problem is, he will soon end up on a shelf, or storage bin, or Devastators stomach, and when I find him in five years, I won't remember a darn thing on how he works. Check out his guts! Good grief thats a lot of pivots.

Looks like Rampage wants more camera time.


Skids gots some guts.

Me likes the punching fist effect. Nice to have something different than the boring missile shot.

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