Monday, June 15, 2009

RotF Rampage and Skids Transformers

No wonder GM failed, their 'small fuel efficient' car is the size of a bulldozer! Or wait, maybe Caterpillar failed, their bulldozer is the size of a small fuel efficient car. All jokes aside America is still an F-150 nation, and human caused global warming is a made up issue by political statists that want to run ever little detail of our lives (geez Dan, lay of the Talk radio while on part time), but its true. We all know what Transformer I will be looking for next.

I don't even want to begin to learn to transform these too. It looks next to impossible just holding them. I hear Skids is a nightmare of panel flapping. Rampage's treads scare me more than the Thundertanks. Maybe in a few months I can show off their robot forms. I like how Hasbro is continuing to make action figures of these robots too, admitting that yes, they are a pain in the ass to transform. Oh-well, there are still way more fun to play with than electrical sockets.

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