Friday, June 05, 2009

Ransack Attack!

When new Transformers movie toys are discussed often the comment is; "I will pass on most of the movie line, as it is not my favorite Transformer style, but that Biplane I will definitely pick up." He is finally now showing up at stores and doing well on the toy blog circuit. I hope he sells well, and maybe more Industrial Revolution Transformers will show up some day. We had perfect cloud weather this week in Boise, so I took advantage and shot Ransack outside where he belongs. I just hope he comes back, once I cut his string he didn't look back.

I wondered why that last photo didn't focus right! Watch out Ransack!!!


LEon said...

That's freaking cool photography for toy! Nice work Dan!

Mario! said...

Nice shots! I need to get to Target and pick one of these up for myself.

Jcee said...

This is the first time I've seen someone photograph a TF like this, very cool!

Dan said...

LEon- THanks!

Mario- Yes go to Target!

Jcee- You mean tie a fishing line to a broom and a Transformer and awkwardly dance around the back yard trying to get a shot with a cloud in the background and enough sun angled on the toy.

Mike Overall said...

Quite the photog project there chief...lemme know if you find a Skids...he's AWOL here in Ft Worth.


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