Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Hate the Joker and here is 101 reasons why

I hate the Joker. Mainly because he is way over used as a Batman villain. Again with the Joker and his 'Ha-Ha!' and his gas, and his silly schemes. I wish Batman would just bat up and kill him right off the bat. I only had to purchase this one just for the stupid fact that when I eventually get more 3 3/4" villains, I will have to have him in the line up, but he's standing in the back row I tells ya. So you think I am being to harsh? Let me show you some other reasons why I hate him...

#54- He ties my shoes together all the time! I hate it when I fall down.

#17- He interrupts the freezing process of my precious summer popsicles!

#82- He screws with my over the air digital transmissions, Pixelating reruns of Batman!

#5- He scalds me when I am washing my hands.

I warn you to stay away from this toy!


LEon said...

Oh my...Joker do have many menace up his sleeves.

Mario! said...

What a jerk!

chunky B said...

Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA hA hA hA... Woop Woop!

nuo2x2 said...

hahahahaw, raaadicaaaal *Milhouse style
very creative reasons indeed to hate Joker, superb!!
but I thought he said that Gotham need a better class of criminal than these pranks ; p


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