Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RotF Rampage Transformation

I got the courage to transform Rampage today, here is how it unfolded...

I wish Hasbro's instructions were by photo instead of line drawing. Step one okay, flip the cab around, pull out the shovel sides. Kind of sticky.

Okay, loosen up the treads. Pretty easy, scared to try and rewind that step. Also worried about that tread plastic, I bet it will start melting in ten years or so. Or at least get really sticky.

Rampage doing Yoga.

I had a tough time with this step. Mainly because the shovel kept snapping off at a hinge. When it snapped off the first time and fell to the floor, it took me a while to remember which direction it reattached. Then I missed the step where you where supposed to fold the shovel into itself.

So far this is way easier than thought, but I know getting it back to Vehicle will be trickier.

Rampage's front legs are really stuck together with a robust peg! I had to really yank, wedge, and scream (that didn't sound right). And there is no way I am getting him into Jackhammer mode. (I don't see how it works without breaking some pegs)

Holy Crap! I did it!

By far he is the best looking Deluxe class out of wave one. I really dig the four legged action. Overall pretty solid too. His back legs like to unpeg from the back, and slide back, but I can live with that.

Now to get the courage to Transform him back.

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