Monday, June 29, 2009

Baroness this!

Geek Orthodox had a good post on the various failed Baroness's Hasbro has made over the years. I think this version was missed in the list, she came with those neat classic 3 figure packs with the comic book from the Valor vs. Venom times (that or she is a repaint of a different time?). The packs were a neat chance to get old Joe's with slight adjustments (brighter colors, different head sculpts, and new rubber band innards (which didn't help one of the Dreadnoks Ripper)).

Actually not a bad figure compared to some of those other Baroni.

And how about those glasses!

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

They are removable! I don't think they really work though, they are a bit foggy.

Still, they make for an interesting predicament when Destro steps on them.

Speaking of Destro, did they overdo his collar or what!


LEon said...

The glasses look so old. Kinda remind me of the teacher in harry potter who does the prophecy.

chunky B said...

I have this same 3 pack! How cool is that. It has three of the coolest Cobra figures made in it doesn't it?

I think I picked my up for 12 bucks at a comic shop, I didn't think it was too bad of a price, you know I don't think I ever tried taking her glasses off, huh learn something new everyday.

And you are right it was a cool way to get some vintage style figures!

Reis O'Brien said...

Good grief! She looks like she's wearing some of those novelty thick lens glasses that you'd buy at a joke shop.

This one definitely belongs on the Island of Misfit Baroness Toys.

Dan said...

chunky B- She came with a hooded Cobra Commander and a red masked Cobra soldier. It was a good pack for price. Me like the old comics on shiny paper too.


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