Monday, June 29, 2009

Baroness this!

Geek Orthodox had a good post on the various failed Baroness's Hasbro has made over the years. I think this version was missed in the list, she came with those neat classic 3 figure packs with the comic book from the Valor vs. Venom times (that or she is a repaint of a different time?). The packs were a neat chance to get old Joe's with slight adjustments (brighter colors, different head sculpts, and new rubber band innards (which didn't help one of the Dreadnoks Ripper)).

Actually not a bad figure compared to some of those other Baroni.

And how about those glasses!

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

They are removable! I don't think they really work though, they are a bit foggy.

Still, they make for an interesting predicament when Destro steps on them.

Speaking of Destro, did they overdo his collar or what!

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