Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wioslea's nice legs.

I must be getting rusty on my Star Wars aliens for I thought for sure Wioslea would be either a male Jedi from an alternate story line, or a horrible mutation on Princess Leia's part.

But after closer research, Wioslea is a girl, and was in the original Star Wars movie. I had to re-pop in the DVD and hit zoom a couple times but there it,, she was! Not sure why she's in Jedi robes.

She looks more like a Jedi than a saleswoman and with all those eyes she could be powerful.

See, with Light saber she looks formable.

How about those hot legs too, bet you didn't think she had backwards knees. Now you know.

My favorite part is she looks exactly like a Umgah from Star Control.

Minus the body of course.


Princess Noin said...

I think its time to stop making action figures when you are down to characters you have to zoom in to find.

And I thought she was a Jedi, too. That's disrespectful!

New figure request: Third stormtrooper from the left.

Mario! said...

I think Jedi chic was a big hit on Tatooine, which is why Obi-Wan thought it was okay to go around in his Jedi robes despite probably being at the top of the Empire's most wanted list.

LEon said...

when I saw your Umgah from Star Control, I was reminded of Klang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Anyway I agree with what princess Noin mention. Stop producing such characters.

Bubbashelby said...

I disagree - I love the random Cantina aliens that were actually in the original movie - especially considering the fact that most were just thrown together from cobbled parts to fill the background.

They further reinforce the fact that Lucas had no cohesive plan at the beginning. My guess is that "Jedi robes" concept didn't even develop until after the first movie. They were just random robes that many folks and aliens, including Kenobi, happened to wear.

I'll probably pick this one up at some point.

Dan said...

Wow, this is the most debate this blog has ever thrown out there. I will agree and disagree with all that is said. I like all the random characters except when they become peg warmers and take away from the more important characters. I'm just amazed that the Star Wars line still keeps going and going and going.

TheJudgement98 said...

Those legs...
I wish it was a mini skirt she was wearing. Maybe I should get one and shorten the skirt.
Also, if Hasbro gave her bigger exotic alien breasts she may have been more popular.


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