Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wioslea's nice legs.

I must be getting rusty on my Star Wars aliens for I thought for sure Wioslea would be either a male Jedi from an alternate story line, or a horrible mutation on Princess Leia's part.

But after closer research, Wioslea is a girl, and was in the original Star Wars movie. I had to re-pop in the DVD and hit zoom a couple times but there it,, she was! Not sure why she's in Jedi robes.

She looks more like a Jedi than a saleswoman and with all those eyes she could be powerful.

See, with Light saber she looks formable.

How about those hot legs too, bet you didn't think she had backwards knees. Now you know.

My favorite part is she looks exactly like a Umgah from Star Control.

Minus the body of course.

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